Destruction AllStars – Best Cars In The Game

Destruction AllStars offers the player a wide variety of cars, but do you know which ones are the best? Well, here in this post, we’re going to talk exactly about that to make your life in Destruction AllStars easier!

First off, you should know that there are four types of cars in Destruction AllStars. Are you:

Small vehicles – they are the fastest, but the weakest. Balanced vehicles – you have balanced speed and power. Heavy cars – they are the strongest, but the slowest. Breaker Car – Each character has their own Breaker Car that they can summon. This vehicle has a unique ability and players can summon at least two of these cars per game.

Each car has its own role in the game. Check out the best cars in Destruction AllStars:

What are the Best Destrucion AllStars Cars?

Well, we can’t say that in this game one car is definitely the best among all available. After all, the usefulness of a car depends on the game mode. In a mode where other cars are meant to be destroyed, heavy cars are your best bet. In modes where players have to be faster than brutal, small cars can be more useful for the mobility they offer. We can conclude that the type of car you should be using depends on the game mode you are going to be playing!

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Destruction AllStars was developed by Lucid Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It is a vehicle combat game released for PlayStation 5 on February 2, 2021.