Final Fantasy X – How to get Auron’s Masamune

Masamune is Auron’s most powerful weapon in Final Fantasy X.

Just like the other weapons in the game, not only will you need to obtain these, but you will also need to complete a series of challenges to level them up and then be able to use them to their fullest potential.

In today’s post, we’re bringing you everything you need to know about this weapon.

First of all, you need to get the sky mirror. If you don’t already have it, follow these instructions.

How to get Masamune in Final Fantasy X.

To get Auron’s Masamune in Final Fantasy X, go to the Quiet Lands and then use the north exit towards the cave of the stolen Fayth. When you reach the cave entrance, follow the path on the right. Keep following the path until you reach some ruins with a soldier practicing next to them. Approach the rusty sword to get it.

After receiving the rusty sword, head to Djose Highroad. Go west and then to a row of stacked boxes to reach a man at the top. From there about to the south exit.

Continue south and then turn right on a passageway that will lead you to a circular area to get to an elevator.

Use this elevator to reach the statue of Lord Mi’ihen at the top. Place the rusty sword on the statue to activate a glyph. Use the mirror of heaven on the glyph to get Masamune.

How to Ascend to Masamune

To unlock the full potential of Auron’s Masamune in Final Fantasy X, you will need to upgrade it, that is, get two items to unlock all of her skills.

These items are Mars Crest and Mars Sigil. See how to get them below.

How to get Mars Crest

Mars Crest can be obtained from Mi’ihen Highroad. To do this, use a chocobo from the Rin ‘travel agent and follow the path that leads to the Mushroom Rock Gate. From there, head southeast to a path that will lead you to a cul-de-sac where you will find a chest with Mars Crest.

How to get Mars Sigil

The Mars Seal will be given to you after completing 10 Monster Arena Challenges. You can do a combination of Territory Conquests or Species Conquests to reach 10. The important thing is the sum to get this number.

The Conquest Challenges can be accessed by capturing each of the fiends of the Quiet Lands. Conquering the Species is unlocked by capturing every monster in the area.

Unlocks Masamune’s abilities in Final Fantasy X.

After getting the Mars coat of arms and seal, return to Lake Macalania in the light part of the area and offer the items to unlock all of Masamune’s skills.

This means that Auron’s Masamune has the following skills in Final Fantasy X:

Break Damage Control: Allows Auron to deal more than 9,999 damage in a Triple Overdrive attack: Charge Auron’s overdrive bar at triple speed. First strike: Guarantees Auron the first action of the fight, even if you are ambushed. Counterattack: Counterattack -attacks all physical attacks Auron goes through