Final Fantasy X – How to get Kimahri’s Ghost Lance

The Ghost Lance is Kimahri’s most powerful weapon in Final Fantasy X.

Just like the other weapons in the game, not only will you need to obtain these, but you will also need to complete a series of challenges to level them up and then be able to use them to their fullest potential.

In today’s post, we’re bringing you everything you need to know about this weapon.

First of all, you need to get the sky mirror. If you don’t already have it, follow these instructions.

How to get Kimahri’s Ghost Lance in Final Fantasy X.

To find Kimahri’s Spirit Lance you need to go to the Thunder Plains and then read the text about the Djose continent in Rin’s travel agency.

You will then have to pray on each of the three qactuar stones in the area. Then a ghost qactuar appears. Follow him to the broken tower. There you will pray for the tower and then the thunder will fall in one place and reveal a chest. Watch the cutscene, then receive the Ghost Lance.

Below are pictures of the places where you should pray:

How to rise to the spirit lance

In order to unlock the full potential of Kimahri’s Spirit Lance in Final Fantasy X, you’ll need to upgrade it, that is, get two items to unlock all of her skills.

These items are the Saturn coat of arms and the Saturn seal. See how to get them below.

How to get the Saturn coat of arms

After defeating Seymour Flux on Mt. Gagazet, head to the column-lined passage after the area where you faced the boss. The chest with the item is hidden between the pillars in the middle, as you can see in the picture above.

Saturn sigil

To get the Saturn Seal you must complete the butterfly hunting mini-game in the two areas of Macalania Woods. This is only possible after receiving an airship in the game’s campaign. Complete both challenges and then a chest with a Saturn Sigil will appear.

Unlock Spirit Lance’s abilities in Final Fantasy X.

After receiving the Saturn Crest and Seal, return to Lake Macalania in the light part of the area and offer the items to unlock all of the Spirit Lance’s abilities.

So Kimahri’s Spirit Lance in Final Fantasy X has the following skills:

Break Damage Control: Allows Kimahri to deal more than 9,999 damage per attack. Triple Overdrive: Charge the Kimahri Overdrive bar at triple speed. Double AP: Doubles the number of AP Kimahri wins per battle. Evade & Counter: Counters all physical attacks Kimahri receives and has a chance to avoid the damage caused.