Final Fantasy X – How to Get Tidus’ Caladbolg

Caladbolg is Tidus’ most powerful weapon in Final Fantasy X.

Just like the other weapons in the game, not only will you need to obtain these, but you will also need to complete a series of challenges to level them up and then be able to use them to their fullest potential.

In today’s post, we’re bringing you everything you need to know about this weapon.

First of all, you need to get the sky mirror. If you don’t already have it, follow these instructions.

How to get Tidus’ Caladbolg in Final Fantasy X.

Tidus’ Caladbolg can be obtained in Final Fantasy X by controlling Chocobo’s trainer in Calm Lands.

After you win the race, head to the northwest of the map and then down a small path that was previously blocked by a man.

Keep going down until you reach an altar. Examine the altar and then get Tidus’ Caladbolg in Final Fantasy X.

How to Ascend to Caladbolg

To unlock the full potential of Tidus’ Caladbolg in Final Fantasy X, you’ll need to upgrade it, that is, get two items to unlock all of their skills.

These items are Sun Crest and Sun Sigil. See how to get them below.

How to get Sun Crest

After defeating Yunalesca in the ruins of Zanarkand, open the chest behind the stairs to get the sun crest.

You have to do this right after defeating this boss, otherwise you will have to face Dark Bahamut to get the item which makes the task MUCH harder than before.

How to Obtain Sun Sigil

Sun Sigil is available from Calm Lands. To do this, you have to defeat the Chocobo Trainer and achieve a time of 0:00. This is only possible if you are given balloons that will cut your time. Each balloon reduces the time by 3 seconds. Get the balloons and also avoid hitting the birds along the way to make this time. Good luck because this is very difficult to do.

Unlock Caladbolg’s abilities in Final Fantasy X.

After getting the Sun Crest and Sun Seal, return to Lake Macalania in the bright part of the area and offer the items to unlock all of Caladbolg’s skills.

This gives Tidus’ Caladbog in Final Fantasy X the following abilities:

Break Damage Control: Allows Tidus to deal more than 9,999 damage with each attack. Triple Overdrive: Charge the Tidus overdrive bar at triple the speed. Dodge & Counter: Counter any attacks Tidus receives and still be able to avoid them. Magic Counter: Counters all spells that hit Tidus