Final Fantasy X – How to Get Yuna’s Nirvana

Nirvana is Yuna’s most powerful weapon in Final Fantasy X.

Just like the other weapons in the game, not only will you need to obtain these, but you will also need to complete a series of challenges to level them up and then be able to use them to their fullest potential.

In today’s post, we’re bringing you everything you need to know about this weapon.

First of all, you need to get the sky mirror. If you don’t already have it, follow these instructions.

How to get Yuna’s Nirvana in Final Fantasy X.

Yuna’s Nirvana is available in Final Fantasy X at the Monster Arena in Calm Lands. You have to catch every monster the man in the arena asks of you. Below is a list of where to find each:

Monster Location Skoll Multiple Areas Nebiros Multiple Areas Flame Flan Multiple Areas Shred Multiple Areas Anacondaur Southeast Sector Ogre Northwest Sector Coeurl Multiple Areas Chimera Brain Northwest Sector Malboro Northwest Sector

After capturing all of the monsters listed above, talk to the man in the Monster Arena. A chest with Nirvana appears in front of the arena. Open it with the sky mirror and then get nirvana.

How to rise to nirvana

To unlock the full potential of Yuna’s Nirvana in Final Fantasy X, you’ll need to upgrade it, that is, get two items to unlock all of her skills.

These items are Moon Crest and Moon Sigil. See how to get them below.

Moon coat of arms

The coat of arms of the moon can be taken from a chest immediately upon arrival on Besaid Island. Before swimming to the beach and to Wakka and the Besaid Aurochs, head towards the land in the top right corner of the map to find the chest with the item on it.

Moon sign

You will be given Moon Sigil after defeating all of Belgemine’s eons, including the optional ones in the Temple of Remiem. You will get Moon Sigil after completing all battles.

Unlock Nirvana’s abilities in Final Fantasy X.

After getting the lunar crest and sign, return to Lake Macalania in the light part of the area and offer the items to unlock all of Nirvana’s abilities.

With this, Yunas Nirvana has the following skills in Final Fantasy X:

Break Damage Control: Allows Yuna to deal more than 9,999 damage per attack. Triple Overdrive: Charge Yuna’s Overdrive at triple the speed. Double AP: Doubles the amount of AP Yuna receives per battle. One MP cost: All Yuna spells only cost 1 MP.