GTA Online – how to improve your game status

GTA Online – How to Improve Your Game Status – Critical HitsGTA Online – How to Improve Your Game Status – Critical Hits

With GTA Online, players can improve the status of their characters. Today we’re going to show you how to improve them and what you need to know about their status or statistics.

The status is divided into 7 different categories: stamina, shooting, strength, stealth, flight, direction and lung capacity. Improving each and every one of them can mean the difference between life and death.

How to improve your status in GTA Online

The best way to improve your status is through repetition. Do the same thing over and over to see the small changes pile up. Here are things players can do to improve their status:

Strength: Participate in fights and sports such as tennis and golf. Strength: Cycling is the best way to increase your endurance. Flying: Complete the flight school missions, fly under bridges, and generally fly around. The longer in the air, the better. Lung Capacity: Practice yoga and get a little underwater before you run out of air. Players can also wear scuba gear and stay underwater until the stat is complete. Shooting: Always aim for the head and go to the shooting range for bigger medals. Driving: aim at ramps and drive in nearby traffic. As long as you don’t crash, the statistics increase.

The lung capacity statistic is the easiest to increase. Each of them requires a little patience. Ultimately, this will turn the player into a tank in every way. It is best to keep these activities in mind when completing the missions. This is the best way to increase your stats and your money.

Grand Theft Auto V is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC through Steam.

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