GTA Online – The best vehicles in the game

GTA Online has an immense number of vehicles, and today we’re showing you the best artillery you can get.

The list features the best land and air vehicles in the game and is 100% focused on GTA Online instead of the campaign.

The best vehicles in GTA Online

Here is the list below:

Land vehicles


You can lift your occupants with the help of the rocket. It is possible to modify this bespoke rocket wheel to function as an improvised fighter jet.

Armed cover

It benefits from multiple uses and exceptional speed. This car is armed at the top with two pivoting miniguns so it can pass through armored cars blocking the path. In addition to attacking from the front, opponents behind can be fought with mortars or prox mines.

Karin Kuruma (armored)

A near bulletproof sports car that is essential in difficult mode to perform difficult attacks or pass unharmed areas.

Insurgent Pick Up Custom

Useful for protecting against tank explosions. With a capacity of 9 seats. It was built with a minigun and covered with armor plates to protect the passengers. It provides protection for multiple rocket-propelled grenades.



One of the aircraft specially recommended for missions or contact missions. This military helicopter is armed with high-speed missiles and cannon minigun that are ejected from the helicopter’s nose for aerial combat.

Attack buzzard helicopter

One of its strengths is that it can be easily made available to the CEO. This military helicopter is armed with twin miniguns and missiles.

Hydra VTOL fighter

It wins a spot as a recommended aircraft due to its exceptional speed and missile dodging ability.

Grand Theft Auto V is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC through Steam.