Hades – How to Earn More Nectar and Ambrosia Quickly

In Hades, Nectar and Ambrosia are two extremely valuable resources for improving your relationships with characters in the underworld.

In today’s guide, we’re offering you the fastest way to get both.

What nectar is used for in Hades

The nectar in Hades is desired by many of the inhabitants of the underworld. You can give this item to different characters in the game. The first time you do this, you will receive a souvenir as a reward.

Keepsakes are powerful items that you can take with you when you try to escape.

If you continue to nectar the characters after receiving this first item, you will deepen your relationship with them. After repeating this action six times, you will be given a character quest that you must complete. After completing it (and giving them Ambrosia), you will receive a special pet as a reward.

Also, you can trade Nectar with the Resource Director at the House of Hades after you reach the actual end of the game. When you get the contractor’s Nectar Vintage upgrade, every Nectar you get during a run adds value and makes it even more useful.

How to earn nectar quickly in Hades

Nectar is a room reward on most runs, so you cannot increase the chance of winning this way, but you can fulfill certain prophecies or trade with the broker in the House of Hades.

In addition, certain benefits increase the amount of nectar you get, such as: B. Poseidon’s Sunken Treasure, which gives you an additional 10% chance to earn nectar. Vintage Premium is another great perk that lets you get a Nectar unit right after unlocking it.

Finally, fishing in the Elysées is one way to get nectar, as this is where you can get nectar as a reward.

What Ambrosia in Hades is for

Ambrosia is one of the rarest treasures of Hades, along with the blood of titanium and diamonds. Its main use is to improve your relationship with the characters after completing a quest given by them. With an offered Ambrosia unit, you will receive a companion from some characters. Certain characters allow you to have a relationship with them after a certain amount of Ambrosia.

How to quickly win ambrosia in Hades

The quickest way to get Ambrosia in Hades is surely to complete rewards with the Punishment Pact. If you don’t know the pact, you will get it the first time you exit the game. This pact offers you various options to make your next run more difficult. Every time you make things harder with this pact you will receive new missions and one of them will give you an Ambrosia unit.

Also, you can complete prophecies to get Ambrosia in Hades. Another option is to swap Ambrosia for diamonds with the broker. Finally, it is also possible to exchange the Robalo (bass) fish for Ambrosia. You can only find this fish on the surface of the game.

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Hades is an action role-playing game that is developed and published by Supergiant Games. It was released on September 17, 2020 for PC, macOS, and Nintendo Switch.

In today’s post, we’ve given you tips on how to get Ambrosia and Nectar into Hades quickly.