Hitman 3 – All game links

In Hitman 3, the cards are full of shortcuts, and today’s guide will show you how to unlock each one.

Below is a list of all the shortcuts you can find at each location in Hitman 3. We recommend opening as many as you can as soon as possible as it will make your life a lot easier.

All Hitman 3 shortcuts

Here is the list below:

Dubai – 4 abbreviations

Penthouse terrace stairs

Easily reached on level 4, located on the large open terrace.

Ventilation area stairs

Also located on level 4 across from the previous page.

Atrium lobby door

The hotel is on level -1 and must be accessible from the ground floor via the bathrooms and maintenance area down the stairs.

Maintenance manager

Go through the emergency exit on the way to the level 3 helipad.

Dartmoor – 2 shortcuts

Balcony stairs

Located on Level 1, the balcony of the Zachary Room (the one where the investigation begins).

Maintenance manager

This shortcut is well hidden. To open it, you will have to reach level 3 which is located in Alexas’ office. You have to go through a ladder and get to the window.

Berlin – 3 abbreviations

Entering funds

Located directly behind the regular guest entrance (level 0).

Bikers basement door

Access via the Bikers Clubhouse (Level 0).

Skylight staircase

While the shortcut itself is on Level 1, you’ll need to go through the skylight on Level 2 of the roof and go down to access it.

Chongqing – 3 abbreviations

Elevator shaft

This level 0 link is very useful as it allows quick access to the ICA facilities through the elevator shaft. Access is via level -1 in addition to the tier 1 security area.


Simply enter the courtyard from level 1.

The locked staircase

Tucked away in the corner of a balcony on level 2 of the house with the main objective of Hush.

Mendoza – 3 shortcuts

Cellar door

One of the two shortcuts accessible in the basement of the villa (level 3).

Back door

If you take the curved path around the mansion to the rear, you will see this shortcut on Level 2.

Maintenance port

The second link accessible from the basement of the villa (level 3).

Carpathian Mountains – 2 abbreviations

Passenger door

The car after the prominent bench has a closed section that is accessible through its window. You have to go forward to the next possible window and return to this place which is not far.

Container port

A rear car has a container that you would normally have to climb into. Your back has an empty spot for a valve, just like the one you used before. There’s one in the next car that you can use.

Hitman 3 is available for Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC through Epic Games.