Hitman 3 – How to find all 11 ICA agents in Berlin

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In Hitman 3, you have to find some ICA agents scattered throughout the game and in today’s guide we are going to show you how to find Berlin agents.

This game has some security guards at all levels and especially on the Berlin level, a total of 11 are available for you.

How to find all Berlin ICA agents in Hitman 3

View all agents listed below:

Price: This is the first agent we caught while patrolling the forest. This means that we will pick it up at the original location. It is easy to pick up as it is linked to a specific destination. Rhodes: He’s on the first floor of the development house, that’s the veteran’s agent. Swan: We have to kill this with an accidental push, for this it is necessary to approach the area of ​​Chill Out, in which he patrols relatively close to the river. This is the agent of the swan song. Banner: He is disguised as a technician and is on the dance floor. You also have to accidentally push it. Tremain: He’s the biker in the building and we have to get him in a gun accident. Green: Another one that we should accidentally let him die on as it will be enough to push him through the parapet as this boy scout is on the roof overlooking the child-out area. Thames: It doesn’t take much effort to do this either as it is in an area.When we found her far away, we found that she is disguised as a club employee and is at the back entrance of the club. Chamberlin: This is an agent known as the Joker and it is difficult to eliminate him on the dance floor. We’ll have to wait for his patrol to go to a remote area where we can act. One of them could be the basement. Montgomery: This is another difficult agent to eliminate in Hitman 3 as he is known as the leader. Plus, he likes to be in crowded areas, which makes it a more complex task. Just be patient and persistent. You Must Follow If he manages to get off the track and kill him, he’ll be disguised as the chief of security. Lowenthal: To kill him, you have to pretend to be a grocer, because here you can take advantage of the emetic and force him into the bathroom, where we killed him. It is located on the first floor of the mortar building. Davenport: This is another agent that we can easily kill by luring him out of the corridor of the Child Out area. This is known as a rookie. He is wearing a sleeveless shirt. He’s an agent with a particular patrol pattern.

Hitman 3 is available for Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC through Epic Games.

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