Hitman 3 – How to Find All Clues to Death in a Family Case

One of the murder cases to be solved in Hitman 3 is called Death in the Family and it is not that easy to find the clues necessary to solve such a puzzle. That’s why we at Critical Hits decided to create this guide that will teach you how to find all the clues in Hitman 3’s Death in the Family.

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During the Dartmoor mission, Agent 47 is tasked with eliminating Alexa Carlisle. But someone with malicious intent was already in her villa and murdered Alexa’s brother Zachary in his bed, and we must solve this murder on the occasion of death in the family.

How to find all clues to death in a family case in Hitman 3

Once you receive this case, go to Zachary Carlisle’s room, whose lifeless body is still in bed. The menu then makes it clear to you that there are 6 references to be found in this room. Of course, you can leave the room at any time. Even so, we’ll help you find all six of these clues.

All 6 tracks from Zachary’s Room (Zachary’s Bedroom)

Zachary’s Body – Take your camera and use it to scan Zachary’s body to discover the cause of death. Bottle and Glass of Whiskey – Turn the camera right from your body and scan the bottle and glass of whiskey. Suicide Note – At the top of the room is a fireplace and in front of it is a table with a suicide note from Zachary on it. Zachary’s laptop – To the left of the fireplace is a table with a laptop. Check the device. Secret Room – There is a bookcase on the opposite side of the room from the fireplace. Get closer and look for a trigger to pull a book to reveal a secret passage. Villa Floor Plan – This final clue is in the secret room revealed in the article above.

That’s all the clues in the room. Now is the time to ask some questions.

Questioning suspects and witnesses

Interview everyone in the house at the time of the murder. Each of these people has an alibi that we will review later. Talk to the following people:

Gregory Carlisle (in the living room) Edward Carlisle (in the dining room) Rebecca Carlisle (in the trophy or living room) Emma Carlisle (in the living room) Patrick Carlisle (in the library) Mr. Fernsby (patrolling the first floor)

Confirm alibis

Now that you’ve interviewed all of the above, it’s time to check their alibis to help eliminate some of the suspects.

The Portrait – There is a portrait of Montgomery Carlisle in the living room to the right of the room. Scan the portrait for information. Footprints – Outside the left side of the living room there are some muddy footprints on the stairs, like someone climbed out of the garden. Scan these tracks with your phone. This gives you one more clue. The language – Scan the language on the dining table with your camera. Documents – In the trophy room, use your camera to scan the documents on the table for more information. Rosie the Maid – Go to the staff room and speak to Rosie to confirm someone’s alibi.

All 3 tracks from Fernsby’s Office (Fernsby’s Office)

If you’ve talked to Rosie, the maid, you’ll be near Fernsby’s office. You will need a pimple or crowbar to get in there. If you want, you can bring a selection with you for the mission or find a crowbar outside, near the kitchen supply delivery, or behind the greenhouse. You can break into the office easily as this is an isolated area. Inside you will not be bothered so you can be safe.

There are three clues in the office. Are you:

Zachary’s Burned Journal – Stay in the fireplace in the back of the room. The diary was not completely burned. Mr. Fernsby’s List – A handwritten note on the desk. Mr. Fernsby’s pills – On the windowsill.

Once you find all three leads you will know where Mr. Fernsby is and have a few options. This opens one of the endings for this story.

Before you go, take the Mansion Master Key from one of the shelves near the fireplace.

The two tracks of the greenhouse

Since we are already near the garden, leave Mr. Fernsby’s office and go into the gardens, where there is a large greenhouse at the other end. It is impossible for this place to go unnoticed. The doors are locked so go in carefully and when no one is looking. It’s not a restricted area so you can be seen there, but if you are seen opening the door you will get a headache.

Once in the greenhouse all you need to do is find two things:

Laboratory Equipment – There are some laboratory equipment on the right side of the greenhouse. By the way, you can use these and the poisonous plants nearby to make a deadly poison that you can use yourself. Poison Dosing Table – There is an open book to the right of the lab equipment. Use your camera to scan the book for any shocking information.

The two references to Rebecca’s room (Rebecca’s room)

Go to the villa and go up the stairs to the lower right room on the first floor. This is Rebecca’s room. There are some pointers. Are you:

Rebecca’s laptop – Check the laptop on the table in the center of the room to use the computer’s records and check her alibi. Rebecca’s Notebook – Scan Rebecca’s notebook, which is near the fireplace, to check her handwriting (this is a very important cue).

All four tracks from Emma and Gregory’s Room (Emma & Gregory’s Room)

After you’ve done all of that, go through the mansion and go to Emma and Gregory’s room. Then you will find four clues inside. Check out what they are and how to find them:

Letter from Emma’s mother – It’s on one of the two bedside tables. Greenhouse Keychain – The keychain for the greenhouse, but without the master key hidden near the suitcases. Bulldog Cane (Bulldog Cane) – It is near the fireplace and when you approach it you will get a warning as it is a weapon. Oh, and we recommend you walk around the villa with her (you won’t have any problems for that). Shoes and Footprints – In the upper left room, find shoes and footprints. Scan them with your camera.

With the information you have received so far, you could end this investigation again, but there is still something you can do.

The secret room

There is a radio on a table in the lower left corner of the first floor. If you look beyond the radio you’ll find a stain on the floor. Bring the Bulldog Cane here and you can push it into a crack in the floor to open a door to a secret room. It’s important to note that the stick can also be used to get into the secret room in Zachary’s room.

Inside is Montgomery’s Long Lost Letter. And that will unlock a third and final outcome of this story.

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