Hitman 3 – How to Find the Dartmoor File

In Hitman 3, finding the files on death in the family mission in Dartmoor, England can be a rather complicated task. That’s why at Critical Hits we decided to create this guide that will teach you how to find this file!

First, note that there are different methods to get this case file. Here in this post we are going to show you one of these methods.

How to find the Dartmoor case file in Hitman 3

From the beginning of the level, enter the bushes to the right of the private investigator and jump across the room on the wall. Then use the bushes to get closer to the entrance of the house and avoid guards on the way. You will see another crack in the wall to the right of the main path. Use this crack to avoid further conflict.

To the right of the front door there is an open window through which one enters the house. Then go forward and take the first left to reach the stairs.

Watch out for the guards at the top of the stairs. Hang from the edge of the wall and go around the stairs until you are positioned behind the guards. Go through the door and avoid the security guard who keeps walking up and down.

Jump through the open window to the ledge outside. Then go up the pipe and go to the upstairs balcony. Be careful with the guards (who will talk about Alexa Carlise’s secret if you wait long enough). We recommend hiding in the basket on top of the balcony.

Wait for the guard to stand in front of the basket and sneak up on him to dominate him. Throw the body in the basket you were in, steal the guard’s clothes to disguise yourself as a bodyguard, and make sure to pick up the HX-10 assault rifle that was dropped when dropped.

In the office

Enter Alexa Carlisle’s office and distract the security guard standing at the foot of the stairs with a coin. Wait for him to investigate and neutralize the distraction, then put him in the wooden box and take his weapons. If you haven’t killed Alexa Carlisle yet, there’s a good chance she’ll return to the room with her bodyguard while you investigate. You can hide from either of them at the top of the stairs. So keep an eye on their location to make sure you avoid them.

Activate the button on Alexa Carlisle’s office chair. This shows that the safe is hidden behind a painting of a dog. There are four cryptic items above the safe, each of which belongs to items in Alexa Carlisle’s office. They are: a clock, a telescope, a fire and a moose head.

Discover Alexa Carlisle’s Office Vault password

Clock – The clock is next to where you threw the guard’s body next to the stairs. Below, in the wooden cupboard, you can see number 1.

Telescope – The telescope is at the top of the stairs next to the window. Behind him on the wall you can see the number 9.

Campfire – In front of the clock, behind the fireplace, you will see the number 7.

Elk Head – Go up the stairs and look over the main door that leads to the room. There is a moose head on the wall and above it is number 5.

We can therefore conclude that Alexa Carlisle’s password is 1975. Just open the safe and steal the file!

Hitman 3 is available for Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC through Epic Games.