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Little Nightmares 2 is finally here and today we are going to tell you how to find all the buggy remains of the game.

Broken remains are collectibles from Little Nightmares 2, if you get it all you will get an achievement and today we are going to show you where they all are.

All broken remains from Little Nightmares 2

You can find them all below, broken down by chapters.

Broken remains from Chapter 1 of Little Nightmares 2

# 1 – We found it before we went to the piece that hangs near the broken bridge. So if we go to the other side we have to go to the right to reach a hole, while further reaching an underground grave in a shovel we found the first one nearby. # 2 – As soon as we get past the bear traps and fall through a hollow trunk, we walk around to get to a passageway that’s under the trunk. Here are the child’s remains next to a dead animal. # 3 – When we have a toilet cubicle, we have to go to the door handle and that is why we are going to say six to open it. If we open it, we will find this bug. # 4 – After escaping the hunter, we reach the beach to find the final bug in this chapter. Just go to the TV to find it.

Broken remains from Chapter 2 of Little Nightmares 2

# 5 – At the beginning of Chapter 2, after you’ve passed the cafeteria, use a TV to get to the second floor. After using another set to lift your new girlfriend, she will help you through a long gap. Turn left at the top of the stairs. You will see this gap stay at the top of the screen looking at the hanging TV. # 6 – After your first encounter with the creepy TV and the slow motion corridor, continue towards the school. In the playground just before him, go to the top right next to the trash and broken tricycle to find those broken remains. # 7 – After your first encounter with creepy kids, you will find yourself. The next room has stacked tables and a swinging bucket trap. After that you will find yourself in a different corridor. Open the third cabinet (the only one without a closed lock) to find the broken remains. # 8 – The next mistake stays after the library and just before the chess piece puzzle on the second floor. Go up the stairs. Instead of going straight to the chess piece puzzle, go left. Below you can see these remains on the broken parapet under the two bottles. # 9 – Immediately after completing the chess pieces puzzle, you will unlock the cafeteria door. Down the first flight of stairs you will see a cart that you can use to continue. After moving the cart, instead of leaving the hall, slide the door to the left. This broken remnant of Little Nightmares 2 is in a chest on the left. # 10 – After escaping the teacher through the air ducts, you are back on the rainy streets. After going through the dump you have to close and then cross. You pass a small alley with a paper boat on the ground. Go to this alley to find the rest.

Broken remains from Chapter 3 of Little Nightmares 2

# 11 – After you escape school, you will go to the hospital (eventually). A little further you will find the flashlight. A room to the right of where you got it runs to the back of the room. There you can find these remains near the wagon. # 12 – After receiving the key to the X-ray room, go up the stairs and through the locked door. In the next hallway there will be stacks of beds / cribs / cages on the walls. Go to the end of the corridor and that bug will be there. # 13 – You will come to a long corridor full of arms holding on and extending through the doors. In this corridor, instead of walking down, go up and through the hole in the bars behind the door. Turn left in the room to find these remains. # 14 – Right after escaping the hallway with terrible arms, you’ll be dodging a few more crawling patients and falling into a bathroom. Go to the top left corner and pull the box away from the wall. Follow the air duct to find these remains.

Broken remains from Chapter 4 of Little Nightmares 2

# 15 – After exiting the hospital, go to an outdoor sewer. Go down and immediately turn to grab the ladder. If you don’t, you will fall to your death. Go down and you will see the remains on the edge of the sewer. # 16 – This can be found after solving the first elevator puzzle. After mounting it on the ceiling, go to the right and move the box that is blocking the ventilation. Enter and follow him to find the rest in a secret room. # 17 – On the rooftops after seeing the tower for the first time. Jump over the tiles until you reach what appears to be a dead end. There are some boxes below the wooden structure. Climb on it and go through the window. Go into the small room to find the broken remains. # 18 – The final broken break is when you use the first phone line with a coat hanger. After entering a room through some shutters, head back to the roof. Go to the other open window. Go up to find the rest.

Little Nightmares 2 is available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Android and PC via Steam.

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