Minecraft – Discover the mod that turns almost everything that exists into a time bomb

If you think Minecraft is too easy, check out this mod that turns almost everything in the game into a time bomb and makes the experience of playing completely insane.

This mod turns Minecraft into a survival game that inspires fear. Almost anything you accomplish in the game becomes a time bomb, and there is no way you can defuse it once it’s lit.

The mod that turns everything into a time bomb in Minecraft

The mod comes from iGrantastic and is available on Planet Minecraft. Essentially, items, monsters, animals, and arrows are equipped with an explosive device that counts the second you reach a certain radius.

Going through five blocks gives you a few seconds to get out of there or to catch, kill, or appease everything in front of you. Once a bomb goes off, these are the only ways to turn it off. You can no longer disarm them. iGrantastic posted a clip on Reddit demonstrating the mod:

When implemented, you are in control of the pump’s time and can change the display effects. Some specific objects cannot explode or the experience becomes impossible. It’s a very interesting mod for those looking for an extra challenge, isn’t it? You can download this mod by clicking here.

Minecraft is an electronic game of the sandbox and survival genres that has no specific objectives to complete, leaving players free to choose how they want to play the game. However, there is a system of achievements and a final boss that must be defeated

Minecraft was originally launched by Mojang in 2009 and has versions for iOS, Android, PC, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo 3DS, and Nintendo Switch.