Minecraft – The rarest items in the game

There are a large amount of items in Minecraft, and some are rarer than others. In today’s guide, we’re going to show you today’s rarest Minecraft items.

According to the official Minecraft site, there are 8 items in Minecraft in Survival Mode that are considered rare or epic, and we have the entire list ready for you.

The rarest Minecraft items

A note: this article mainly focuses on the rare blocks that you can get while in Survival mode in Minecraft.

Final crystal

The first on the list is the crystal at the end. Chances are you’ll see this for the first time when you first step on the Nether. They are used as a healing source for the dragon ender.


Next we have the aqueduct. It may be small, but it can affect players up to 96 blocks away. Once activated, all players within range who come into contact with rain or water will receive these three buffs: extended underwater breathing, night vision underwater and increased speed when mining underwater.

Flare gun

Though not into Minecraft to begin with, at this point it’s safe to refer to the flag as a classic Minecraft item. For a while, it was considered prestigious to activate a flag on a Minecraft Survivor server.

Golden Apple

The golden apple takes eight gold bars and an apple, or you can also find them in chests made by the world.

Music discs

Music discs are dropped by crawlers if they are killed by skeletons or strays. This can be quite a task, but you can attach a skeleton to a fence to make it kill, which makes it a lot easier to get all 12!

Banner pattern

All six rare banner patterns are shown above. Some of them are rarer than others, and some of them can only be obtained (through trade or world-generated chests) instead of being crafted.

Dragon egg

The dragon egg can only be obtained one way and only once in survival mode, which technically makes it the rarest item in survival mode. It’s relatively easy to gain access to (defeat the Dragon Ender), but to drop it as a selectable item, you’ll need to drop it on a ledge or push it with a piston.

Enchanted golden apple

Anyone who plays on PVP servers in survival mode knows how important the enchanted golden apple can be in the heat of battle. Personally, we think this should be considered the rarest item in Minecraft as for the most part you get all of the other items before you get one (including the dragon ice).

Minecraft is an electronic game of the sandbox and survival genres with no specific objectives to be achieved, leaving players free to choose how they want to play the game. However, there is a system of achievements and a final boss that must be defeated

Minecraft was originally launched by Mojang in 2009 and has versions for iOS, Android, PC, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo 3DS, and Nintendo Switch.