Unusual Volume Sees Gran Tierra Energy Inc. (ASX:GTE) Shares Take a Large Bump

Gran Tierra Energy Inc. (ASX:GTE) stock is experiencing unusual volume during today’s trading.  While the stock price moved along with the volume change, shares are touching $0.32.  The day’s total volume of 35056 this morning is in contrast from the three-month daily average of 5662.80K.  When we divide the current volume by the three-month average volume, we get a relative volume of 0.12.

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Looking Back

Gran Tierra Energy Inc. (ASX:GTE)‘s market cap, the total dollar value of all of their outstanding shares, is 123.11m.  Including today’s unusual volume, Gran Tierra Energy Inc.‘s stock is performing at -75.20% on the year.  For the week, the stock is performing -2.68%.  Over the past month the firm’s stock is -6.90%, 4.47% for the last quarter, -66.53% for the past six-months and -79.36% for the last year.

Current levels places Gran Tierra Energy Inc. (ASX:GTE)’s stock about -54.15% from the 50-day high and 39.13% away from the 50-day low.  

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